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Mount Gambier   South Australia   0887 249 296   Trading Since 1986

( all service by appointment only . . . it's hard to be organised . . . I know, I'm a Bike Rider too :)

New Bike Service & Scheduled Servicing and Repairs for Honda Kawasaki KTM Suzuki Triumph Yamaha Road & Dirt Bikes . . . We also offer a Race Bike Service & Stealth Motorcycle Suspension Servicing & Upgrades

         Dunlop IRC Michelin & Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres & Tubes & Balancing tested to 300Kmh

                  BelRay Thumper Elf & Motul Motorcycle Oils

                           Ferodo Nissin SBS Motorcycle Brake Pads & Braided Lines

                                    Yuasa Genuine Motorcycle Batteries

                                             DID RK Motorcycle Chains & Sprockets

                                                      Plus all the stuff everyone else tries to flog you :)

ARMS scheduled motorcycle servicing and maintenance of the latest model Honda Kawasaki KTM Suzuki Triumph and Yamaha Road and Dirt Bikes is a great way to look after your new investment.  

Regular servicing is a vital key to making sure you maximise the benefits of owning current model motorcycles.  

Our service programme for the recreational user is developed from experience, not a service book or internet article which can be way out from individual needs.



We also specialize in a Motorcycle Suspension Service from Fork and Rear Shock Seal Replacement and Service to a full on Race Development Strategy designed for the keenest recreational and track riders :

Stealth Motorcycle Suspension Service

also :

Motorcycle Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning

Standard Bike?   Yes even standard bikes can benefit from a re-tune as the original settings may not be ideal for "real time use" here in oz.

Modified Bike?   Definitely, all altered Bikes need a re-tune, any changes from a Performance Air Filter / Muffler etc all need to be re-tuned to suit the alterations and local conditions you do most of your riding in.

We Tune in "real time" in the workshop and on the road, results in a sweeter running engine and better on the throttle use on road, and lower lap times at the track if that's your interest.

Latest info >    Triumph Riders, this include you !


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