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Stealth Motorcycle Suspension . . . " Making Good Bikes Better ". . . Suspension Service - Reseals - Upgrades - Springs - Revalves - Personal Set Ups etc

         KYB   Ohlins   Showa   White Power   -   Servicing Forks & Rear Shocks

We Re-Engineer the units to suit your weight, preferred use and style ( if you have any :)

Special Service > > > Suzuki DRZ400 Stealth Re - Engineered Rear Shock Including Spring just 399.00 = More Traction - Better Wheelies - More Control &  Safety


Some Stealthy Pics :

ADV Adventure Riding :

Honda XR400 Motard

Suzuki DR650 Motard

Suzuki DR650 Loaded

Suzuki DR650 Lowered Suspension

Suzuki DR650 Lowered Suspension 

Suzuki DR650 Rear Shock


Enduro : 

Honda CR CRF450R CRF450x

KTM200 EXC Lowered Suspension



Road / Ride Day / Race :

Ducati 1098

Honda RS125

Honda CB400 Revo

Honda CB1000R Naked Bike

Yamaha YZF R1 05

Yamaha  TZ250 GP Bike


Motocross :

Yamaha YZ 250


Supercross :

Yamaha YZ 250

Yamaha YZ 250F


Ramp :

Honda XR 400



Trading since 1986,   we do Motorcycle Suspension Servicing from Fork and Rear Shock Seal Replacement and Service to a full on Race Development Strategy designed for the keenest recreational and track riders.


If your having trouble hanging onto your latest model Road or Dirt Bike or looking to enhance it's current characteristics there is a pretty good chance we can improve your Comfort, Safety, Traction, and Speed (if that's what you might be looking for :)

Under the stealth motorcycle suspension programme we offer an ongoing service for keen recreational and race bike users.   The programme not only includes an individual Suspension Service covering Springs and all Damping aspects, but also EFI engine mapping alterations for track use etc and general race bike set ups.


" stealth . . . making good bikes better "


Some Gossip:  


Suzuki DR650 is a popular Bike in oz and gets used for a multitude of chores for it's various owners.   Everything from Commuting to Outback Adventure Riding.

The Yellow 05 DR650 model in that pic has been lowered for commuting duties by a very short owner with an inside leg of about 28 inches. The White 2010 DR650 Motard in that pic is even lower most women would have no trouble reaching the ground.

Great results achievable from such a versatile Bike, we also fit performance mufflers and do rejetting etc to suit Australian conditions.



Oct 2010

Stealth project of the year . . . Honda CB1000R loads of fun.

Pmac's CB1000R Naked Bike being turned into a Race Bike, this thing is so much fun they should be amongst the top sellers in oz. The best part was we even got to Race it before the owner got it back.

Paul competed in the Formula Extreme Naked Bike Series during the year, and well.............. the pic says it all



June.10   John Heemskerk on the Stealthy Honda CR250R teams up with Wade Thompson to win the Nhill Pony Express





Good to get into this one, bikes like the Ducati 1098 cost lots of dollars but it doesn't mean they go around corners real well, even with the Std Ohlins units, we turned John's 1098 into a real fun machine with a reduction in Lap Times to boot.

This bike now feels like a 250GP to ride, with a huge amount of horsepower thrown in.

Wonder If we can borrow it for the Seniors meeting in May :)



Sept.09   Every now and then something a little different comes along, enter Paul McMenamins project Honda CB400 Revo   We are building this bike to run in the South Australian "Formula and Limited Classes" run at McNamara Park and Mallala.   One of the good things about this project is I got to give this great machine it's debut at the October meeting at MacPark.  The bike is still "under construction" so more info on it's details later, if you don't get the idea from the pics, this is one fun machine :)




July.09   For something a little different we were asked to lower the suspension a KTM200 EXC.   Whilst a little bit is popular with the Enduro Guys, the owner of this bike has a very short inside leg measurement . . . we are still probably yep to do the front to match it all up and some minor setting up of the rear, but if you look at the swing arm angle on this bike and compare it to your own, you can see what's achievable. . .  seat height is about 40mm lower than Std.



June.09   Stealth HQ has been very busy lately . . . one of our secret weapons of mass destruction has just been completed ready for it's assault on the 2009 Hattah Desert Race next month.   Pic1   Pic2



May.09   Stealth Suspension hits the Australian 4 Day Enduro in the capable hands of a young Ivan Long from Coonalpyn.   Leading up to the a4de Ivan had a sneak test ride with Fitzy's Honda CRF250  Rear Stealth shock,   did he like it ?   so much so it stayed in the bike for the 4de,   and soon as he got back sent down a new CRF250 09 unit for the same Stealthy Treatment.

" heaps more traction on the snotty rocky hill climbs,   square edged holes just arn't there,

and she still jumps heaps good,   the best rear shock i've ever had "


Have you got a Honda CRF250 or CRF250X CRF450 CRF450X ?   What are you waiting for :)



Apr.09   Stealth Suspension hits the National forum of   with this pretty

 trick cartoon from Pmac



Aug.08   Fitzy gets the edge over Geoff Ballard at the recent Australian Off Road Championships at Horsham with his Stealth Honda CRF250X rear shock.   A close battle over 2 Days and some 8 or 9 Special Tests Fitzy came out on top by some 30 odd seconds, great triumph for Fitzy and of course we're pretty stoked at Stealth HQ as well.

Fitzy reported less harsh / more traction and overall stability out of his Honda CRF 250    So if your looking for an edge out of your Honda CRF250 or CRF450 Rear Shock . . . do what Fitzy did . . .

get onto to Stealth Re-Engineered Suspension.



Aug.08   Paul Barnett has enjoyed the Stealth process steadily improving his Track Day Lap Times aboard the mighty Suzuki GSXR1000.   Paul's now enjoying his much improved

 " Taylor Made" GSXR and gets into his PB's at MacPark



   two fast john's on their stealthy bikes 

 John Heemskerk CR250 R6   and   John Tuchyna Kawasaki ZX10R Lap Record holder



   Damien Munro   and   Chris Edlington  

Honda CRF 450         KTM 250 EXC



   Simon   and   Maddi  

Honda CR125 R6   and    Yamaha YZ 85



   Paul   and   Aaron  

Yamaha YZF R1   and   Honda RS 125



the boss . . . Trish

If you own a 10 20 or 30k bike you might as well enjoy the ride . . .

" stealth . . . making good bikes better "

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